Yiri Kus | Freelance illustrator

I am a freelance illustrator creating digital illustrations of creatures and fantasy characters mainly for board games, books, or promotion.

Board game illustration

As a board game illustrator I worked on more than five titles. I usually work with CGE company where I worked on titles like Lost Ruins of Arnak, expansions Expedition Leaders and Missing Expedition, Sanctum and Starship Captains.

For board games I usually do illustrations of cards, but also illustrations for tokens, standees or illustrations on the game board.

Promotional illustrations

These illustrations are done in a way so they work in several different formats like poster, website, badge, social network etc. Below are examples of promotional art for Animefest 2022/2023.

Book illustrations

I do both book cover illustrations and illustrations for usage inside the book. Below are examples of covers done for Mystery Press and Draci Hlidka (czech RPG book publisher similiar to Dungeons and Dragons).

I also do Black and white illustrations which you can also find in books by Draci Hlidka or in the book Podzimni Boure (Autumn Storm) by Petr Kriz.


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